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    Founder's Day at YCIS Pudong


    2019 年 10 月 13 日

    10 : 00

    • Founder’s Day is an important date celebrated yearly by all YCIS and Yew Wah schools around the globe. On this special day, students watch a live feed video broadcasted to all of the schools in the YCIS and Yew Wah network, and share what activities they have planned for the afternoon. To me, this day promotes good student health, opens the students’ minds, and brings together the school community.

      In our school, we celebrated Founder’s Day with a House competition in newly-designed House shirts. Before lunch, the entire campus left for nearby Century Park, where we participated in the annual cross-country ‘Fun Run.’ To me, one of the benefits of this fun run is that it is a great way for students to relieve a bit of stress through exercise. The tests, homework, and projects we have just seem to fade from the active mind, becoming small hints in the back. According to global statistics, running or other forms of exercise are people’s second most popular choice for relieving stress. Running is also effective as it makes the brain stop thinking about what causes stress and to look at the bigger picture. Once people can see things from different perspectives, they then realize that their reason for stress may in fact be unrealistic, and this is easily overcome. As a cross country runner, I competed in the Founder’s Day fun run and ran as fast as I could. However, this event aims to be relaxing and fun, and so those preferring to walk could do just that, chatting and sharing jokes and experiences with friends before settling by the lake to eat lunch, with everyone enjoying a laid-back, relaxed time.

      For our school, Founder’s Day also celebrates the introduction to the EOTC week, where students travel throughout Asia to learn outside of the classroom. At this point, students are encouraged to start preparing for EOTC, and therefore creating a common topic that students talk about. They open their minds to the upcoming week, which they spend away from their families. I believe that a fun and exciting day is exactly what is needed to start getting students excited for EOTC.

      Finally, students and teachers all attend the annual Founder’s Day Broadcast. When seeing all of the other YCIS and Yew Wah schools around the globe, students are fully encouraged to wave, cheer, and clap when they appear on screen. It’s intereresting to hear from each school community as they share what they have planned for their day. Dr. Betty Chan hosted the broadcast, as well as performed celebratory events, such as cutting a giant cake, and we all joined in the singing of the school hymn. This event made students separated by seas and mountains feel much closer, therefore reinforcing the feeling of community between our schools.

       By Zeke, Year 10, YCIS Pudong Secondary