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    What Makes YCIS Unique


    2019 年 12 月 04 日

    10 : 00

    • I have been attending YCIS since 2010, when I was in Kindergarten (K4), and I am happy to say that over the course of the past 9 years I have always appreciated the school life here. Even though there are many other international schools in Shanghai, I believe YCIS suits me the best.

      One of the unique aspects of YCIS is its focus on providing a bilingual learning environment. At YCIS Pudong, English and Mandarin are equally important. All students have the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture through Chinese Studies classes, and they have the privilege to learn Mandarin. This does not come as a surprise though, since YCIS was founded in Hong Kong, where Mandarin and English are both official languages. When I first arrived at YCIS, the only language I knew was Cantonese, and I did not understand Mandarin or English. Thankfully, my teachers and classmates helped me adapt to the new environment. I was able to learn Mandarin relatively quickly and English not long after. I have grown over the last few years as a good communicator and linguist, having studied English, Chinese and Spanish in lower Secondary. Today, I am studying English First Language and Literature as well as Chinese First Language and Literature. I would have never thought of taking both first language courses if it weren’t for the school’s unique emphasis on bilingualism.

      Another one of the unique things about YCIS is that classes are relatively small, so the teachers here are able to nurture and help students individually; it is almost like being inside a tutor group. When I started in Primary school at YCIS, I was fairly terrible in English and Mathematics and mediocre in Chinese. However, I have received help from my teachers numerous times. I have had the privilege of meeting with teachers and having one-on-one tutor lessons on any topic that I did not understand. Gradually, I have been able to improve and become the person I am today.

      One additional thing that I appreciate about YCIS is the amount of care given to us as students. This does not only include improving our academic performances, but also nurturing our talents, passions, and improving our wellbeing. As I previously said, YCIS has nurtured my academic abilities. But, it has also nurtured my personal interests by offering a wide range of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). Today, I participate in five different CCAs, all of which I am passionate about.

      Finally, YCIS ensures that all students learn in an enjoyable environment. For example, YCIS Pudong has recently renovated the ‘Learning Communities’ in the A-Block of the Century Park Campus. This is an area that is very comfortable for Primary and IB students to study in. The school also has a child-safeguarding team, consisting of several teachers that are responsible for our wellbeing. 

      It has been an immense pleasure to study here at YCIS. Over the years, I had the privilege to experience the school improve and change. I believe that YCIS is a truly unique school and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that I am provided with here.

      By Daniel, Year 10, YCIS Pudong Secondary