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    My Favourite Places to Study on Campus


    2020 年 11 月 04 日

    10 : 00

    • I really like that our school offers so many places where we can work in private. So, every time I study, I try to find a quiet place without too many people.

      At our school’s campus, my favourite place to go study is the hall, because it is pretty much similar to a theatre. After a speech, a debate, or a drama performance, I would go there and spend some time studying.

      My second favourite place is the library. I find the library very comfortable to do all types of study activities. For example, during break time, I go there to read a book, finish my homework, and rest.

      Another place I enjoy studying in is an empty classroom. It might sound strange, but I think empty classrooms are the perfect place to study in private! You can do anything in such a big space, and sit in any position that makes you comfortable.

      The last place is the music practice room. There are two reasons why I like to study there. The first is that I like to play some instruments when I need a break. The second reason is that the music room is first-come-first-served. I always try to finish my lunch quickly so I can go and use the music room to study or play music. It is really suitable for a person like me, who likes to study privately.

      As much as it’s great to find time to study privately, the school also provides many opportunities to collaborate with other students. So, our teachers often encourage us to study together outside of the classroom, to create a sense of unity and develop social skills.

      By Winnie, Year 10, YCIS Puxi Secondary