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    How I Developed a Passion for Music at YCIS Shanghai


    2020 年 12 月 16 日

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    • Throughout my childhood, I dipped my toes in many different hobbies. My interest in these hobbies would never last, for I was a frivolous fledgeling with a frighteningly short attention span. I would continue to engage in plenty more short-lived pursuits until my later years in Secondary school.

      My first encounter with music was coincidental – teachers were encouraging us to partake in extracurricular activities, and my friends just so happened to play different instruments, so we formed a band. I initially found this venture daunting and somewhat unrealistic, but with the aid of the school’s highly supportive Music department, my apprehensions melted away. In the ensuing weeks, we started frequenting the Music classrooms at lunch and after school, honing our craft and learning about audio equipment under the guidance of our teachers. Soon enough, we began playing at countless school events.

      Performing at school events provided me with the opportunity to identify my weaknesses and improve for the next performance. As the band’s main singer, mine were squeaky falsetto notes and stage fright. Although these flaws filled me with insecurity at first, feedback from my peers and teachers soon led me on the path to self-improvement, rather than self-loathing. Performing in a school band also provided an environment that strengthened social bonds between me and my bandmates. If we wanted to create a pleasing sound, we had to coordinate our efforts by trusting one another. Building trust with my bandmates not only improved our sound but also shaped many lasting community experiences.

      Playing music at YCIS has helped enhance my technique as a musician and build character. With every school event we played at, I felt my passion for music swell and stretch. Music has become an integral part of my school life: I have continued my learning journey by selecting Music as one of my IGCSE courses, actively participating in ‘Voices’, the school choir, and attending the ‘In-School Individual Instrumental Programme’ (IIIP). Every one of my musical endeavours has enriched my life as a student at YCIS and will accompany me into the future.

      By Sophia, Year 12, YCIS Pudong Secondary