Through lessons about history, we sustain civilisation, make meaning of modern cultures, and chart our progress. History is politics, culture, technology, warfare, society, and ideas. History is life and all that exists within it.

History at YCIS Shanghai is active, hands-on, participatory, and it animates the rich tapestry of the past. Each student is encouraged to develop their own opinions and express them with confidence. To "question everything" as Socrates recommended, is to develop the critical mindedness to be independent thinkers. History illuminates our past, clarifies our present, and directs us to a brighter future.

Key Aims:

  • To create a knowledge base for the development of thinking skills.
  • To develop historical enquiry skills.
  • To employ technology to enhance history.
  • To build effective communication skills.
  • To analyse sources for usefulness.
  • To understand and evaluate historical interpretations.
  • To make informed opinions based on evidence and values and defend them in debate.
  • To understand the dynamics of historical cause and effect.
  • To make interpretations and judgment of historical issues.
  • To link past events with current issues to understand historical continuity and change.


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