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    YCIS World Scholars Cup and Model UN


    2015 年 05 月 28 日

    10 : 00

    • Emily, Year 10, Century Park Campus

      In April, YCIS Shanghai’s World Scholars Cup team embarked on their journey to the Shanghai Regional Rounds. After months of studying, all of the teams were absolutely psyched to be finally putting their efforts to the test. After a spectacular opening ceremony, the senior division started the collaborative writing task followed by the Scholar’s challenge, a one hour SAT-style exam, while the junior division was underway with the debate competition.

      One may wonder why students would willingly sign up for what is seemingly an extra dose of studying. Well, it’s simple – it’s the experience. Not only are the hosts extremely entertaining and there isn’t a minute without laughs, but it’s the enthusiasm that’s developed as the competition progresses. It’s the passion for learning and the fascination for knowledge combined with the desire for success that makes World Scholar’s Cup so much more than just an academic tournament.

      YCIS Shanghai departed the Shanghai Regionals with an overall 3rd place out of over 400 students, a first place for collaborative writing, another first place for the Scholars Bowl and much, much more, including the fact that all YCIS teams qualified for the Global Rounds.

      Although the World Scholar’s Cup season has come to an end for this year, Model United Nations is still ongoing. Pupils from all over the country gather for a conference in which we debate, discuss, promote, and research issues of global relevance. Resolutions are drafted, friendships are made, and delegates are left yearning for another convention.

      Both World Scholars Cup and Model United Nations are among the extraordinary opportunities YCIS Shanghai offers to engage students in multinational matters, help them develop literacy and public speaking skills, meet new people and simply have a great time.