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    What I Learnt about Teamwork at YCIS


    2015 年 06 月 05 日

    10 : 00

    • Karyn, Year 13, Century Park Campus

      As our shrinking world becomes a global village, working with people from different cultural backgrounds is becoming increasingly common. Here at YCIS, being an international school, the multicultural environment has encouraged us to appreciate working with all individuals, and to embrace co-operative learning.

      During my time at YCIS, I have worked on many team projects, both on a small and large scale. I have also organised many events during my time in the Student Council, but my most memorable team project was a series of biweekly video broadcasts my Year 12 classmates and I created. Producing these videos required lots of creativity to think of exciting themes, forward thinking, and communication. Amidst all of the other work we had to do for IB, we would often find ourselves in a dilemma, as we had limited time to film a broadcasting video that had to be edited and ready for the following week. Over time, we learnt the importance of time management and problem-solving skills as we split up the roles amongst each other and filmed separately.

      These projects have allowed me to develop a new perspective on teamwork and have taught me invaluable skills for the future. They taught me the importance of listening, because as much as we want our ideas to work and be realised, sometimes, when you listen to others, you are able to achieve something even greater. They also taught me that no matter whom you are working with, as long as you are able to communicate well and share a common goal with support and encouragement, you are able to overcome all difficulties, making success at the end even sweeter.