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    My Primary Graduation


    2015 年 07 月 02 日

    10 : 00

    • Leah, Year 6, Century Park Campus

      As I walked into the bustling cafeteria, I heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, after all of the rehearsals, the day finally came: graduation. I placed my graduation cap on my head and sat with my class. As the teachers called us into the gym, the excitement lifted and we all grew silent.

      As we walked into the gym quietly, I couldn’t help but notice the change. Our gym had been transformed into an elegant, beautiful venue for this important occasion. The ceremony started with an interesting speech from Mr Murray, who reminded us that it’s important to try your hardest and never give up.

      Next, we had singing, class poems, Chinese culture performances, and graduation speeches by our classmates Ruitao (in English) and Charles (in Chinese). Then, most importantly, we received our graduation certificates. Our parents, teachers and everyone else in attendance were very proud of our achievements. Mr Runkel, Co-Principal of Secondary, gave a speech that included tips for us in Secondary. After that, our Primary Co-Principals Mr Hehir and Mrs Yu congratulated us. Finally, we all posed on stage with our graduation hats on while cameras were taken out. One, two, three, click – a perfect picture on a perfect day!

      Later, we all enjoyed snacks and beverages after we gave our parents our certificates. Teachers were congratulating students, and happy graduates were chatting. This is one day we definitely are not going to forget, because moving on to Secondary is a huge milestone for us all to accomplish!