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    My Family-Like Experience at YCIS


    2015 年 07 月 10 日

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    • Karyn Chan, Class of 2015, Century Park Campus

      I’m originally from Singapore and I’ve attended YCIS for eight years. I’m really excited to graduate, but frankly, it’s a weird feeling. I’ve been at YCIS for such a long time and really enjoyed myself along the way. I moved to Shanghai eight years ago and YCIS has been my “home” since then. I think what makes our school so special is that we have such strong relationships between the students and the teachers. In particular, our Century Park Campus really has a “family-like” feel which creates a very interactive environment. The chance to create strong bonds with my teachers and classmates has made my high school experience very special. I have also truly enjoyed all of the Co-curricular activities I’ve been involved in.

      YCIS’s Community, Action and Service (CAS) programme has also been great for me and has helped fuel my passion for charity. My greatest achievement at school would be my CAS project last school year, which I called “The Shoebox Appeal”. During the project, I reached out to an organisation that supports migrant students just outside Shanghai. I then created a campaign for YCIS students to create shoeboxes filled with stationery, hygiene items, a toy, and other things that the children would enjoy. We matched these boxes with a child in the migrant school and donated the boxes to the children as a gift during their Chinese New Year. This experience was very meaningful, and I was grateful for the tremendous support of my classmates.

      At YCIS, I have been involved in many Co-curricular activities and groups. I was the Co-President of the Student Council from Year 9 through Year 11. I’ve also been involved in the World Scholars Cup ever since Year 8, and even coached the team this school year. I’ve been involved in sports, such as SISAC basketball, which I’ve enjoyed a lot. And in addition to that, I’ve volunteered at the Shanghai Healing Home with a group of YCIS students who regularly travel to an orphanage to support the young children. I’ve also been a prefect, helped organise a charity run held at school called the “Mad Run”, joined the Yearbook committee, and also participated in school productions. So I’ve been involved in quite a lot at YCIS and I have truly enjoyed myself in every activity that I have participated in.

      My Student Council experience started quite early, in Year 7, and in Year 9, I ran for Student Council Co-President. I learnt a lot in Student Council, including enhancing my communication skills and how to partner with other people to make events a success. This organisation helped me find my passion, which is helping people and creating greater opportunities for others in the world.