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    Our Life at YCIS


    2015 年 10 月 27 日

    10 : 00

    • Year 8 students, Gubei Campus

      KaiyoAt YCIS, the food in the cafeteria is really good – better than my Primary school. PE class is very fun, and Maths class is also quite fun. The school has many activities, such as “Penny wars”, an annual food fair, and a Back-to-School Carnival. These are really interesting and exciting activities. And I love the food fair the most because we can taste food from many countries and it’s really good. There are many sports in the CISSA league. We play at tournaments, and it’s really exciting!

      JonathanMy life at YCIS is awesome. After I came to YCIS, studying became very interesting, and I started to like football. At YCIS I have made loads of friends!

      JoyceMy life at YCIS is great. Everyone at YCIS is nice, and the school library has lots of amazing books. There are also many interesting subjects and kind teachers. Co-curricular activities are also nice, and there are sports, creative activities, and music programmes.

      BoryeongYCIS is awesome. There are so many activities and different kinds of subjects. For activities, there are EOTC trips, where almost all students in the school get to travel throughout China, and World Classroom trips to other places around the world. When I first came to this school, everyone was nice to me even though they didn’t know me yet!

      LunaMy life at YCIS is really great. I have so many friends, awesome teachers, and great opportunities. For example, there are many sports to sign up for, Student Council, World Classroom, EOTC, and much more. These activities are great ways to get Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) hours, and CAS hours help with university applications.

      SungAt YCIS, I always enjoy hanging out with my friends during break time and at lunch. The thought of lunch is always exciting, considering that I’m a foodie. The times I’m with my friends are the best because I always feel relaxed around them. YCIS also provides a lot of independent and challenging tasks, which brings people to a new level of feeling a sense of accomplishment and education. During group projects and independent tasks, students learn and soon discover a new world of commitments and success.

      HongWhen I first came to YCIS, the education was so different. Everyone is from different countries from all over the world. I enjoy the time to play sports and the classes are so much more interesting. All the teachers are humourous but also very professional. My friends are all nice and awesome and there is no bullying.

      FatinMy life at YCIS is great because the school is very fun. I have so many friends here, and they are so friendly, caring, and if I need help they are always there for me. I love my homeroom teachers of each year. This school is not too big and not too small, and the people are just really nice to me. I feel very lucky to go to school here at YCIS.