Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Shanghai) is one of the leading international schools in China. Our unique education nurtures the talents of international children aged 2-18. Through Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary schools, our curriculum helps our students develop strong skills in English and Chinese and become globally-minded for a competitive future. YCIS students consistently achieve “Top in the World” academic results and outstanding extra-curricular successes. Our school is a vibrant community of students, faculty, and families coming together in a warm and collaborative way.


YCIS Puxi Students Shine at IB Art Exhibition

As an extension of part of the YCIS motto to “Align with Culture and Arts,” YCIS Shanghai’s International Baccalaureate (IB) programme includes unique experiences, including the valuable opportunity for students to publicly exhibit their work. This year, our YCIS Puxi Secondary students wowed audiences with their incredible pieces of art at the 2019 YCIS Puxi IB Visual Art & Design Technology Exhibition.


YCIS Pudong Students' IGCSE & IB Art Exhibition

We live in a world where art and design are all around us, whether in the form of functional, commercial products or conceptual pieces of artwork. In our 2019 YCIS Pudong Students' IGCSE & IB Art Show, Art & Design students from YCIS Pudong Upper Secondary will exhibit their work, representing the culmination of the exploration of various creative themes and narratives. The exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to see the work of the next generation of artists and designers, to interact with them, and discover the artistic journeys they took to arrive at their final pieces.

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