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    We welcome applications from eligible students of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds who share and support the YCIS values that shape our community. To be eligible to apply to an international school in Shanghai, families must submit foreign identification and other documents that meet the regulations of the local government. Detailed information regarding eligibility can be found here.

    Acceptance and Placement Criteria

    YCIS aims to admit students who we believe will benefit positively from the educational programmes provided at our school. To be admitted, students must be able to access the regular curriculum without the need for support beyond our English as an Additional Language programme and supplemental learning resources. Acceptance to YCIS, and subsequent year level and programme placement is based on several factors, including:

    • Academic history and performance
    • English language competency
    • Special skills and talents
    • Social, emotional, and behavioral development
    • Date of birth

    Additional consideration is given to families with siblings enrolled at YCIS, families transferring from another YCIS school, and families with children enrolled at YWITDC.


    Our Admissions team looks forward to helping you learn more about YCIS and guiding you through the application process!


    YCIS Network of Schools - Internal Transfer

    All YCIS schools operate under the same educational philosophy, pedagogy, and curriculum. We understand that international families sometimes need to be relocated around China, so we make it very convenient for enrolled students to transfer (without application fee or extensive paperwork) to any school in our network. YCIS locations include Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, and Qingdao (in China), and Silicon Valley (in the US).