Gubei Campus

YCIS Shanghai's Gubei Campus building

Gubei Campus is known for producing well-rounded Secondary students with wide-ranging interests and skills, stellar academic results, and top-tier university matriculations.

The bright, open campus features facilities that provide students with opportunities to develop new skills and interests in a wide variety of areas, all within a multi-cultural environment.

The convenient, central location in the western part of the city is just a short walk from our Ronghua and Hongqiao Campuses and is a weekend hub of activities for our community partners, such as the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America.

The Gubei Campus’ modern facilities include:

  • Integrated, interactive Smartboard technology in every classroom.
  • Air filtration units in all classrooms to provide a safe, optimal learning environment.
  • Biology, Physics, and Chemistry laboratories, with complete resources for advanced science studies.
  • A spacious gymnasium where we host many internal and external sports tournaments throughout the year.
  • Unique Art and Design & Technology workshops that include the latest technology and equipment, where students turn ideas into reality with computer-aided design (CAD) on Mac computers, computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines, and 3D printers.
  • A professional recording studio and designated music rooms which enhance our progressive and established music programme, allowing students to plan and perform regular, impressive music concerts, while honing their individual talents.
  • A large sports field and basketball courts, where students gather to shoot hoops and socialise before and after school, and during breaks. Gubei Campus students also benefit from the use of the competition training swimming pool and fitness center located at our nearby Ronghua Campus.
  • A black box theatre and a hall for the school’s many drama productions.

This campus is brimming with activity, and each student thrives as they learn in an environment that has been designed to develop and nurture their learning and creativity. To take a virtual tour of the Gubei Campus, please click here.

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