School Fees

2021/2022 School Year Fees
Kindergarten 2 to Year 13

To read our School Fees and Policies document for the 2021-2022 School Year, please click here.

(All fees quoted below are in RMB currency)


Application Fee
Application Fee
For new students; non-refundable


Deposit Amount
K2 to Year 13 25,000

The Deposit is a one-time, refundable, non-interest bearing security deposit required to be paid to the School, and shall be held by the School for the duration of the student’s enrolment. The School has the right to settle any outstanding fees or amounts owed to the School, either during the student’s attendance at the School, or after the student’s departure, using the Deposit.

The Deposit, after deductions for any amounts owed to the School and in accordance with the School’s departure and refund policies, will be returned within 45 days after all departure procedures have been completed.

Payment of the Deposit will not, in and of itself, guarantee a School placement; all other admission and School requirements must be met.

Tuition Fees
Year Level Semester 1
(August 2021 – December 2021)
Semester 2
(January 2022 – June 2022)
Kindergarten – K2 (5 half days) 61,680 92,520 154,200
Kindergarten – K2 (5 full days) 91,000 136,500 227,500
Kindergarten – K3 to K4 98,840 148,260 247,100
Primary – Year 1 to Year 4 113,760 170,640 284,400
Primary – Year 5 to Year 6 116,040 174,060 290,100
Secondary – Year 7 to Year 9 126,920 190,380 317,300
Secondary – Year 10 to Year 11 129,160 193,740 322,900
Secondary – Year 12 to Year 13 131,400 197,100 328,500

Semester 1 Tuition Fees must be paid no later than May 31, 2021.

Semester 2 Tuition Fees must be paid no later than October 31, 2021.

For mid-year enrolment, the tuition fees will be calculated on a monthly pro-rata basis, based on a 10-month period and inclusive of the month in which the student plans to start attending school. The deadline for new students’ tuition payment is subject to the actual invoice.

Early Payment Incentives

Parents/guardians may enjoy a five percent (5%) discount on annual Tuition Fees only (excluding other School fees), if the full annual 2021-2022 School Year Tuition Fee payment is received by our bank no later than April 30, 2021 (the date of receipt is determined by our bank acknowledgement).

Sibling Discount

Parents/guardians who have three or more children enrolled at YCIS Shanghai are able to enjoy a five percent (5%) discount on Tuition Fees only (excluding other School fees) for each of their children enrolled at YCIS Shanghai.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Fee (Applies to new students only)

After assessment, for children who require EAL support, a one-time, non-refundable fee will be charged.

Year 1 to Year 6 10,000
School Bus Fees

(Please note that using the School Bus service is optional. The detailed list of routes is available upon request).

  Semester 1 Semester 2 Annual
K3 (or age 3) to Year 13 7,800 11,700 19,500
School Lunch Fees

The School co-ordinates with an outside catering service company to provide lunch for students who do not wish to bring a packed lunch to School. Charges must be processed under a separate payment method between parent/guardian and the catering company.

School Uniform

School uniform can be ordered from an outside uniform provider directly.

Settlement of Payments

Any payments received by the School will be applied first toward the Deposit, if not yet settled. Any outstanding payments must be settled according to the School Fees and deadlines above.

Late Payment Charge

A late payment charge of two percent (2%) per month, compounded monthly, will be applied to all School Fees that are overdue. The School also reserves the right to offer the place of a student with overdue payment to new waiting applicants, meaning that late payment may put a child’s seat at risk.

Force Majeure Clause

The parent/guardian understands and agrees that, if an event of force majeure (as defined below) occurs and as a result the School is prevented from performing any of its obligations towards the parent/guardian and/or students, including but not limited to school closure and reduction of student in-school learning hours, the school may implement any of the following alternative measures or any combination thereof to minimize interruptions of the students continued studying activities:

  1. While the force majeure event is ongoing, resort to online/virtual classes, homework assignments, and teacher-student/teacherparent communications;
  2. After the school is re-open for classes upon cessation of the force majeure event, extend the school hours on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to make up the lost class hours; and
  3. When the school is able and permitted to resume normal business activities, hold extra classes or conduct special learning sessions/semester to make up the lost class hours.

For purposes of the foregoing provisions, an “event of force majeure” means an event beyond the control of the school, including but is not limited to, prohibition or acts by government or public agency, riot, war, hostility, terrorist attacks, public disturbance, strikes, other labor disputes and work stoppages, failure or interruption of transportation or other utilities, epidemic, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, tidal wave, or other acts of nature.

Method of Payment
  1. Online Payment Gateway
    YCIS Shanghai now has an Online Payment Gateway. The link for the Gateway as well as the instructions for online payment will be sent to parents by email along with the School Fee invoice.
  2. Bank remittance
    Payment can be made by bank transfer payable to the School’s USD or RMB bank account. For easy identification, please forward a copy of your bank remittance advice with your child’s passport name to our Accounts Division Office (see below).
      RMB Account Information
    Account Name: 上海耀中外籍人员子女学校
    Account Number: 433859223328
    Bank and Branch: 中国银行上海市国贸中心支行(044065)
    Address: 上海市延安西路2201号三楼,200336
      USD Account Information
    Account Name: Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
    Account Number: 435159254608
    Bank and Branch: Bank of China, Shanghai International Trade Centre Sub-Branch
    Address: 3/F, Shanghai International Trade Centre, 2201 Yan An Road (West), Shanghai, PRC 200336

    (Conversion from USD and other currencies to RMB is based on the market exchange rate at the time of actual payment)

  3. Pay in person
    Credit/bank card payments are accepted. Additional bank service charges will be added onto payments made by credit/bank cards. Any payment over RMB 5,000 cannot be paid in cash. Should you require further assistance, please contact the YCIS Shanghai Accounts Office at the following campuses:

    Puxi Pudong
    Hongqiao Campus Ronghua Campus Regency Park Campus Century Park Campus
    Mon - Fri Tue & Thu Mon & Wed Tue & Thu
    +86 21 2226 7666
    Ext. 1888 Ext. 2888 Ext. 3888 Ext. 4888

    Office hours: 8 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
    Fax number: 021-2226 7618
    Email address:

Updated March 11, 2021

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