At YCIS Shanghai, our Primary school campuses are full of life and offer a wealth of meaningful learning opportunities that help provide a truly international school experience for children aged 5-10.

A girl in YCIS Shanghai reading Chinese characters

A Well-Rounded Experience

Our international curriculum provides children with a comprehensive academic and holistic education – from cross-cultural experiences and an emphasis on learning about Chinese language and culture, to our extensive music, arts, and sports activities, and our Wellbeing programme which is designed to help develop children’s moral compass.

Our campuses provide an environment where children’s learning is celebrated and where they are encouraged to become people with character and integrity, hold strong positive values, know themselves, and become global citizens committed to making a difference in our world.

Our International Curriculum

YCIS’s international primary school curriculum is based on the framework of the National Curriculum in England with the added benefit of our extensive Chinese Language and Culture Studies programme, as well as the school’s Wellbeing programme.

Two co-teachers in YCIS Shanghai primary school with students

Co-Teachers in All Primary Classrooms

Our Primary classes have two fully-qualified teachers, one International teacher and one Chinese teacher, who work together to implement a bilingual learning environment in English and Chinese. Our Co-Teachers share equal authority in the classroom, and together they plan and implement lessons that provide the children with a multicultural experience.

An asian boy and a western girl are performing on stage at YCIS Shanghai primary school

A Balanced Education

At YCIS Shanghai, our elementary school-aged children learn about a wealth of different subjects, including both English and Chinese Languages, Chinese Studies, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Information and Communication Technology. Children in Primary also have the opportunity to participate in our robust Co-Curricular Programme to further develop their skills in a wide-range of areas.

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