Years 7-9 (ages 11-14)

The YCIS curriculum reflects the Philosophy & Objectives from which its culture and ethos are generated. We are committed to a curriculum that is international and holistic, as well as rigorous, demanding and accessible to all students admitted to the school. Our curriculum affords students the opportunity to fulfil their highest academic potential, as well as focus on their physical, social, moral, cultural, and creative development.

Secondary Teacher Mr Thombs about Design & Technology at YCIS:

What makes our Year 7-9 Programme unique?
The YCIS Year 7-9 Programme offers a holistic international education designed to nurture and prepare students with the knowledge, skills, concepts, and understandings aimed toward becoming caring global citizens.

In particular, the following elements highlight the uniqueness of the YCIS Year 7-9 Programme:

  • International Curriculum: The curiculum in Lower Secondary (ages 11-14), is based on the framework of the National Curriculum in England, with an extended focus on Chinese language, global citizenship, international-mindedness, character education, and the arts.
  • Character Education: In keeping with the YCIS Philosophy & Objectives, character education, positive moral values and principles, and educating the whole child are an integral part of the Lower Secondary Programme.
  • Experiencing China Programme: For cultural appreciation, a series of excursions are planned every year for students to visit different regions in China, such as Guilin, Qingdao and Inner Mongolia.
  • World Classroom Programme: The World Classroom Programme affords students opportunities to visit a wealth of countries around the world, for example Russia, Spain, US and Tanzania.
  • Cultural Enrichment Programme: During the last weeks of the school year, students are provided with the opportunity to focus on specific themes of study in alternative settings, drawing on a wide range of skills that include research, information tecnology, presentations, and communication.
  • A Fully Rounded and Balanced Education: YCIS Shanghai’s international secondary school includes a wealth of different subjects including Languages of both English and Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communication Technology, Geography, History, Personal, Social & Health Education, Music, Drama, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Physical Education.

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