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    Enhance Your Parenting Skills and Cultivate Sibling Harmony through Parent Coaching Sessions

    Gala Day Auction

    08 Jun, 2023

    10 : 43

    • As parents, we all strive to provide the best upbringing for our children. However, navigating daily challenges and pressures while maintaining a positive parenting approach can be demanding. Our series of five parenting coaching sessions aim to equip you with practical tips and tools to foster positive behaviour and reduce conflicts within your home.​

      Led by the experienced parenting expert, Ms Jana van Zyl, these sessions will delve into various topics such as positive communication, effective discipline strategies, and the cultivation of healthy relationships. Each session will last for one hour scheduled to commence in September 2023.  Please email to arrange the sessions.


      Donor: Ms Jana Van Zyl​, YCYW Cross-School Curriculum Coordinator (Wellness)