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    Octagonal Dish with Dragon Pattern

    Gala Day Auction

    07 Jun, 2023

    16 : 45

    • This exquisite celadon octagonal vase was originally crafted during the Yuan Dynasty at the Longquan kiln. Its unique design features intricate dragon patterns and delicate cloud-like motifs, symbolizing the majesty and power of the dragon soaring through the clouds. The eight-sided shape of the vase represents strength and integrity, while also symbolizing the arrival of wealth and prosperity from all directions. This is truly a rare and remarkable piece of art that captures the essence of Chinese culture and history. Don't miss your chance to discover its enchanting beauty and add it to your collection!


      Size: diameter 18cm

      Donor: Biocountry Resort 

      Market Value:  (¥) 48,000.00​

    • Octagonal Dish with Dragon Pattern