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    YCIS Shanghai Captures Major Awards in Sports

    School News

    07 Feb, 2009

    10 : 00

    • Recently, we have seen our sports teams capture major awards at both ACMIS and SISAC events.

      In SISAC, both Boys and Girls Division II Soccer teams were crowned 2009 Tournament and League Champions.

      In ACMIS the Boys and Girls teams in Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball were all crowned 2008-2009 Tournament Champions. This is a great achievement and something we are justly proud of.  A “triple crown” for either boys or girls across these three major sports is a rare event; for both teams to achieve this in the same year is unprecedented.

      The school was also proud to have the ACMIS Girls Table Tennis 2008-2009 Tournament Champion as a pupil.

      Congratulations go to the teams, coaches and PE staff who made this possible.