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    YCIS Shanghai Theatre: a Time for Culture and Humour

    School News

    03 May, 2011

    10 : 00

    • Humour meets culture at YCIS Shanghai when the curtains were raised in April for a theatrical journey through stories from around the world.

      Committed to the school motto, part of which encourages students to align with culture and arts, Lower Primary Section led the way with a charming performance of the much beloved children’s classic Aladdin. The young and captivated audience whispered, gasped, and cheered as the Middle-Eastern folktale unfolded to a happily ever after ending.

      On Gubei Campus, Year 10 IGCSE students’ performance of The Last Laugh, which Head of Drama Bevely Polson termed a “wickedly funny production”, was changed to include additional song and dance routines as well as audience participation. Held at the Black Box Theatre, the production was dedicated to Amnesty International for its satirical plot about the journey of a joke toys salesman through a fictitious Eastern European country where laughter is illegal. Aside from the evidence of effort and creativity, the evening also demonstrated students’ natural talent for theatre. Year 10 students Peter and Aiden stole the spotlight with the humour they conveyed in body language despite holding minor roles and using English, their second language.

      Rounding out the month was Upper Primary Section’s all out production of the musical Bugsy Malone. The students’ enthusiasm for a production of custard pies, dance, and action infused the hall as the audience soaked up the 1920s New York language and speakeasy culture. For the colourful costumes, confident solos, and well timed cues, the cast and crew were awarded with endless peals of laughter and applause. Primary Curriculum Co-ordinator Heather Lockett comments, “The students achieved so much in such a short time. They loved being involved and can’t wait to do it again. The parents are so proud.”

      The laughter will continue through mid of May as the Century Park Campus brings Rocky Monster Show to Shanghai.