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    YCIS Shanghai Starts Model United Nations Club

    School News

    12 Dec, 2011

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    • YCIS Shanghai’s new Model United Nations (MUN) Club travelled to Hangzhou last month to participate in the Westlake MUN Conference with 15 other international schools. The conference lasted a weekend and allowed the delegates to participate in simulations of debates that are currently taking place at the United Nations in New York and at other MUN conferences around the world.

      In preparation for the conference, the students spent one afternoon practising together after school every week since September, and spent countless hours on their own, doing research on the country they were representing, as well as on the issues being debated at the conference. They were also required to write and deliver an introductory speech, policy statement, and resolution on the issues. While doing all of this, they were also required to speak and write in United Nations Protocol and follow parliamentary procedure.

      YCIS Shanghai had delegates in a number of areas, including the Delegates in the Economic and Social Committee, the General Assembly, the Human Rights Committee, the Advisory Panel and the Arab League. “All YCIS Shanghai students distinguished themselves in their committees and on many occasions led the debates,” commented teacher and advisor Greg Dotzenko.  

      Other conferences the MUN Club may attend this school year include the Harvard MUN in Beijing, Xiamen International School ACAMIS MUN and the Nanjing MUN.

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