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    On the Runway

    School News

    13 Dec, 2012

    10 : 00

    • For those who think leading fashion comes only from New York, Paris, London, or Milan, make way for what’s next right here in Shanghai! YCIS Shanghai Year 10 students from Gubei Campus all worked very hard to produce outstanding and interesting outfits for the 2012 IGCSE Fashion Show. The theme centred on “wearable works of art, based on the characteristics of an artist’s style.” In addition to being an exciting and creative event, the show was also an altruistic effort, as it was held as a fundraiser for the Starfish Trust Foundation, which supports children in Chinese orphanages who need urgent surgery.

      Because of the dedicated work of these students, the event raised over  RMB 3,400 yuan, which is sufficient to cover the cost of a cleft lip/palate operation for a child in need, thereby giving the receiver a new life, and new hope.

      In addition to creating interesting pieces and making their individual fashion statements, these students were enthusiastic about supporting a worthy cause. Different styles and trends come and go and fade away, but charity is always fashionable.