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    Student Artwork Auction Results in Generous Donation

    School News

    05 Mar, 2013

    10 : 00

    • Support for love and charity is an integral part of the YCIS programme, as is the commitment to culture and arts.So when the chance came along to combine art with a charity, YCIS Shanghai Century Park students were quick to seize the opportunity. Led by YCIS parent Angela Dauerer, 30 Secondary students began to design and decorate quilt squares back in December. By the end of January, the students had finished their artwork, but the parents’ work was just beginning. Patti Bene worked diligently to sew all the squares together. Then, Angela and Clara Cavalleri, with help from others, spent three days quilting the layers together.

      The parent coordinators for the project praised the students’ hard work, saying, “The kids did a wonderful job and put a great deal of thought into the project.”

      When the quilt was sold for a Heart-to-Heart charity auction at the recent YCIS Parent Organisation Pudong Gala Banquet for an outstanding amount of RMB 11,000yuan, no one was surprised by the amount a student art project could fetch. The best projects, after all, are those made with love, from the heart.