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    YCIS Art Show Teaches that Every Child is an Artist!

    School News

    16 Apr, 2013

    10 : 00

    • “Every child is an artist.” This saying by Pablo Picasso is central to the philosophy of the art departments at Yew Chung. This past week, the art teachers at YCIS Shanghai  Regency Park Campus showcased the incredible artistic talents of the campus’s Primary students in an art show, on display in the centre courtyard for students, staff, and parents to view and admire.

      Throughout the school year, Regency Park Campus Primary students have produced a wide array of different types and styles of art, representing a number of periods of art, and have studied the styles of famous artists, creating art based on their works. According to Anita Dai, one of the art teachers in charge of the art show, “every art project at YCIS allows the students to learn about art theory; sometimes about simple things such as which colours work well together, and sometimes about complicated concepts such as pattern or perspective. Art history lessons also give students a chance to learn about how art fits into the world around them. Most of all, the art projects are designed to give students the maximum amount of choice and scope for their imagination.”

      During the art show, every Primary student had several pieces of their artwork on display, and the Primary students were given the opportunity to view all of the works, discussing the designs with their teachers and classmates. Each of the projects on display featured a detailed description of the learning objective of the work, the process students went through, and some key vocabulary terms they learned. Several iPads were also displayed with videos that showed the art creation in process, a unique and exciting combination of the YCIS commitment to align with art, as well as to align with technology.

      “Our students work with very little inhibition and with high levels of enthusiasm, leading to artwork that is spontaneous and energetically vibrant!" said Ms Dai, “It’s the truth: every child is an artist!”