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    Celebrating Athletes' Success at Secondary Sports Dinner

    School News

    03 May, 2013

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    • Secondary athletic students at YCIS Shanghai Gubei Campus can be proud of another fantastic season, with four ACAMIS Championships, two SISAC regular season Championships, two ACAMIS runners-up, two SISAC runners-up, and four ACAMIS third place winners. In order to celebrate students’ athletic achievements and the team spirit of all students involved, a Secondary Sports Dinner is held every year. This year’s event also focused on the achievements of Year 13 students who contributed to YCIS athletics, as 23 of these athletes will graduate at the end of this semester.

      Mr Warren Newbery, YCIS SISAC and ACAMIS Athletic Co-ordinator, credited the year’s sports accomplishments “to the fantastic levels of effort, enthusiasm, and commitment shown by the players.”

      Here is a recap of the incredibly successful 2012-13 sports year for Gubei Campus sports teams:

      Volleyball:The girls were D1 regular season Champions and the boys claimed the position of reigning ACAMIS Champions.

      Basketball:In basketball, the D2 girls were the SISAC regular season Champions and the D1 girls took first at ACAMIS.

      Football:Both the D1 boys and girls finished second during the SISAC regular season, and the boys took third at ACAMIS, with the girls finishing in second place.

      Table Tennis:The girls’ team earned the spot of ACAMIS doubles and team Champions. Year 11 Alice was second at ACAMIS, and Year 13 Jennifer was third in the singles. Year 11 Zoe claimed third in the SISAC singles, and the team took second place at SISAC.

      Badminton:Both D1 and D2 teams showed great levels of improvement throughout the season and are building for next year.

      The Annual Dinner concluded with awards for outstanding performers of the year, which were:Individual Performance of the Year: Alice, Year 11Most Improved Player of the Year: Siri, Year 13Junior Sportsman of the Year: Seamus, Year 10Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Diana, Year 11Senior Sportsman of the Year: Andrew, Year 12Senior Sportswoman of the Year: Julianna, Year 13

      Congratulations to all YCIS athletes for another incredibly successful year!