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    YCIS Primary Students Explore Ancient Roman Society

    School News

    06 May, 2013

    10 : 00

    • Students at YCIS Shanghai cover an assortment of topics over the course of a year. Recently, Year 3 students at YCIS Shanghai Hongqiao Campus spent a few weeks learning about the ancient Romans. In order to spark the children’s imagination and develop curiosity, this topic of study included a fun-filled week of creating laurels, shields, coins, broaches, and mosaic pictures. Teachers shared artifacts with the class, and encouraged children to pose questions in order to continue to develop their enquiring minds. This led students to conduct their own research projects about ancient Rome.

      Throughout the week, cross-curricular links were made to Year 3’s current Literacy Unit on Myths and Legends. One of the stories students read was Romulus and Remus, which is a famous legend of how Rome was given its name.

      The week concluded with a Roman Dress-up Day, when students came to school dressed in togas and gladiator costumes, and each class was able to enjoy a Roman feast in their classroom. These experiences allow students to develop a perspective on history, and helps encourage their use of key vocabulary related to the topic.

      Ms Sabreena Bhawon, a Year 3 Teacher, said of the learning, “Through the teaching of history, we strive to give students an understanding of how society has changed over time, and the impact that past events have on us today, and in the future.”