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    YCIS Shanghai IB Scores Prove to Be Remarkable!

    School News

    25 Jul, 2013

    10 : 00

    • Following a pair of delightful and heart-felt graduation ceremonies, students from YCIS Shanghai’s classes of 2013, have something more to celebrate and smile about: the just released IB scores which highlight the phenomenal mental capacity and academic dedication of this year’s class.

      To fully understand how remarkable these scores are, it is helpful to also look at last year’s results for IB candidates worldwide, in tangent with YCIS Shanghai scores for the school’s two graduating classes of 2013. Taken as a group, the average score for YCIS Shanghai students was an astounding 34.9, out of a possible 45, which leads the 2012 worldwide average of 29.77 by a wide margin. A full 20.8% of the YCIS group scored above 40 points, compared to only 6.64% of students who scored above 40, worldwide, last year. Furthermore, YCIS is proud to again be able to announce, and celebrate, a student achieving a perfect score: 45 of 45.

      With such incredible, stand-out scores for so many of this year’s YCIS graduates, it should come as no surprise that the diploma pass rate was 100%. And, as credit to the strong Chinese language programme at YCIS, an impressive one third of those graduates received a bilingual diploma.

      The now YCIS alumni, class of 2013 students will go on to pursue their passions at respected universities around the globe, including the London School of Economics, University of Hong Kong, McGill University, University of Amsterdam, Northeastern University, University of Edinburgh, Art Center College of Design, University of Rochester, New York Film Academy, Parson’s School of Design, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, Singapore Management University, University of Warwick, and Atelier de Sevres.