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    New Library at Hongqiao Campus Inspires Reading

    School News

    19 Aug, 2013

    10 : 00

    • The power of a library is eloquently captured in the words of John Lubbock: “We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.” This is the kind of experience that the new library at YCIS Shanghai Hongqiao Campus is designed to give students. The library is part of the recently unveiled new C Building, which opened in August for the upcoming school year.

      Ms Heather Lockett, a Teacher Librarian at YCIS Shanghai, described the new library, “When you walk into this area, what immediately strikes you is the bright, stimulating, eye-catching environment. Its spacious and modern layout, with room for three classes of students visiting at one time, is the result of careful planning to create an area that is inviting to students.”

      Libraries have always played an important role in schools and universities of all levels, and will continue to do so. Ms Lockett affirmed that this is “because the library is a focus of activity and exploration,” something that students will always seek out. Specifically, at YCIS, the library provides that “students have access to English, Chinese, and bilingual books, magazines and reference materials, all of which cater to the wide-ranging needs of students, and supports the YCIS curriculum,” continued Ms Lockett.

      The plan to maximise usage of the wonderful new library was also discussed by Ms Lockett, “Classes will have weekly sessions supported by the library staff for developing literacy and research inquiry skills. The library will be open before and after school, as well as lunch times, to allow students access on a daily basis. YCIS parents will also have access to the new library, as well as our other established library, in the school, which has been recently refurbished.”

      The addition of a new library space, as well as refurbishment of the existing library space, means that YCIS students are able to broaden their horizons by opening their minds to new cultures and new ideas, in order to fully receive the benefits of a global education.