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    YCIS Celebrates Culture at 9th Annual Global Child Day

    School News

    16 May, 2014

    10 : 00

    • Last weekend, the YCIS community came together to celebrate the 9th annual Global Child Day at Regency Park Campus. This year’s theme was “Culture and Celebrations!”. The event brought together YCIS families, friends, teachers, and staff for a day of music, dance, food, crafts, and games.

      Over 40 nationalities were represented, allowing guests to “visit” countries from all around the world in one day! More than 700 attendees were treated to performances from traditional Mexican folk dancers, Japanese drummers, the YCIS Year 3 and 4 Do Rei Mi Choir, the Year 5 and 6 Century Park Choir, and more. In the Food Hall, guests were able to sample delicious cuisines from nearly every corner of the world, stimulating both their taste buds and interest in different cultures. At the booths, families could create their own cultural souvenirs to take home, solve global quizzes, and play national sports and games. Sideshow events included the “Running of the Bulls”, and an English puppet show.

      The full day of activities, organised by the Parent Organisation Pudong (POP), was very successful due to the combined support of YCIS parents, students, and staff. Ms Moira MacPherson, Parent Relations Officer for Regency Park and Century Park campuses, was a driving force behind the day as she rallied those involved, behind the scenes. MacPherson shared about the exciting day, saying “This year’s Global Child Day was another huge success, highlighting the fun, family-feel, and culturally diverse atmosphere we have here at YCIS. Our families came to enjoy the great variety of activities organised by the committee to go with our 2014 theme ‘Culture and Celebrations!’. Many thanks to the Global Child Day Committee, performers, artists, families, and support team, who all made the day possible.”

      Global Child Day is an annual tradition that brings the entire community together to experience the school’s international community. By celebrating multiculturalism at this unified event, guests can truly appreciate and understand the global-minded philosophy behind YCIS.