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    Secondary Students Get Professional Insight during Career Day

    School News

    01 Jul, 2014

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    • Century Park Campus held its first Career Day this June for students in Years 9 to 12. The Career Day was planned by the school’s University Guidance Office (UGO) to provide Secondary students with a perspective on a variety of different industries and professions. From hotels, to science and technology, to social work, and business, the students were able to get a range of occupational viewpoints. In total, 10 expert speakers were part of the Career Day line-up:

      • Jutta Petznick, Social Worker
      • Piter de Jong, Manager, ING
      • Julian Blissett, Vice President, GM
      • Tony Azarias, General Manager, Parkyard Hotel
      • Mandar Ponshke, Vice President, MphasiS
      • Peter Murphy, Chemist
      • Jose Puente, Counsel, GM
      • Patricia Yim, General Manager, IBM
      • Sarah Jayne Robinson, Industrial Manager
      • Hsin Lin, Counsel

      Throughout the morning, students rotated classrooms to engage in small group discussions with the professionals. The experts talked about and answered student questions regarding how they got started in their careers, as well as the challenges, opportunities, and necessary skills to succeed in their given industry. Ms Kelly Flanagan, a University Guidance Counsellor at the Century Park Campus, led the successful Career Day, remarking afterwards, “We were very thankful to the speakers who took time out of their busy days to speak with students about their own career path, education, and interests. It’s important for our students to hear this professional insight before they begin making university and career decisions. We plan to hold more visits like this next school year!”

      YCIS’s unique University Guidance Office helps students evaluate their career and university options, well before graduation. Counsellors work with students and parents, helping them prepare the necessary documents for college applications, and weigh their options, based on their abilities and interests. To learn more about the University Guidance Counsellors at YCIS, click here.