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    Eco Friendly Art at YCIS

    School News

    17 Oct, 2014

    10 : 00

    • How many times can you recycle paper? It’s a bit of a challenge, but so far this year at Regency Park Campus, the young art students have brought “trashed” paper back to life many times!

      When the paper that was used on the display boards in classrooms was replaced after being worn out from displaying many vibrant projects, rather than throwing this paper away, Year 3 students painted over the paper and used the textured papers to make animal collages.

      After that, the leftover paper from the animal project was not thrown away, and instead placed in a special bin. Most recently, these scraps were used in Year 2 art classes where students are learning about Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky, and studying his vividly colourful artwork. One of his most famous pieces, Cocentric Circles, was the inspiration for another recent project that incorporated the recycled paper to create a painting and collage of a peacock with the scraps of paper used for different colours and shapes.

      Ms Anita Dai, who has led these eco-friendly art projects at Regency Park, explains, “It has been wonderful to show my students ways to recycle paper, and the paper itself was perfect for this project because students needed to choose paper samples that had high contrast to create the ‘eyes’ of the tail feathers for their peacocks, imitating the Concentric Circle style of Kandinsky’s painting.”

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