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    YCIS Students Visit Local Painting Paradise Village

    School News

    09 Dec, 2014

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    • Recently, Year 5 students from YCIS’s Hongqiao Campus went on a class field trip to the Jinshan Painting Village, located in Fengjing Ancient Town, the largest ancient village located near Shanghai. Once the students got off the bus, they couldn’t help themselves but to marvel at the paintings on the walls, roofs, and corridors. With their Co-Teachers guiding the way, the students saw various paintings in the village painter’s house, where even the hearth in the kitchen was surrounded by bright colors.

      The Representative of the Jinshan Peasant Painting Village, Ms Cao Xiuwen, led the students around the Jinshan Peasant Painting Museum and introduced the origins and developments of the paintings. The students listened to the introduction very carefully, enthusiastically asking many insightful questions.

      After the museum tour, the students entered the farmer artists’ homes in small groups and had the incredible opportunity to learn about painting with the farmer painters. They even had the opportunity to create their own piece of art in the Peasant Painting-style, creating beautiful scenes from their own unique perspective. Afterward, the students put their dry paintings in frames, and held them tightly in their arms to bring home – a great souvenir from an inspirational school trip!

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