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    An Underwater Adventure for Year 2 Students

    School News

    02 May, 2017

    10 : 00

    • Lately, Year 2 students at the Hongqiao Campus have been deeply involved in learning about various habitats and ecosystems in their classes. To enhance their experience of learning, the children were recently treated to a marvellous excursion to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium in Pudong!

      The learning unit started off with all Year 2 students researching their chosen habitat. Desert, Ocean, Woodlands, Rainforest and Arctic habitats were all highlighted through the project, and the students researched their habitat and became experts by discovering the various animals and plants within their habitat, as well as how they survive in that environment. According to Suhi Chandrarajah, the Year Leader for Year 2, “The students were excited to visit the aquarium where they were able to see a range of exotic and fascinating underwater creatures and think about their habitats. The trip encouraged the children to think about everything they have learned in the habitats unit. The students particularly liked the sawfish and the sharks in the ‘tunnel’, as well as the different jellyfish!”

      As students progress through a YCIS education, they receive the foundational framework for success in their academic abilities, allowing them to perform above their year levels. In addition to the robust curriculum, YCIS helps students experience the joy of learning through fun and educational opportunities that enhance and broaden their understanding. Trips such as the visit to the aquarium allow YCIS primary students to engage their learning outside of the classroom. To learn more about the outstanding Primary programme at YCIS, click here.