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    SISAC Sports Season Starts Off Successfully for YCIS Pudong Volleyball Teams

    School News

    11 Oct, 2018

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    • YCIS takes pride in its students’ sporting achievements, and it is always exciting when the new school year brings about a new season of sports and a chance for the students to shine. In the final week before the students took a well-deserved break for the Chinese ‘Golden Week’ national holiday, the final games of the season-opening were played. 

      YCIS Pudong senior sports teams made triumphant starts to their Shanghai International School Activities Conference (SISAC) Volleyball seasons with both the boys’ and girls’ teams getting off to a terrific start. With lunchtime training and fitness sessions, there was competition for places in both squads, with the potential for participation in the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) tournament.

      The girls started the season on a winning streak and ended up with an impressive record of six wins out of seven games. Their captain, Year 12 student Shu Min, was enthusiastic about the team spirit being fostered this year. “We love being on the court and playing. This year, we have new faces, but it feels like they have been in the squad for a long time. We support one another, the fitness is good, and everyone is committed. We have a strong feeling of togetherness throughout the teams,” she said. 

      The girls will now compete in a Cross-River Cup Event as the winners of the D2 East Girls division, before moving on to ACAMIS participation.

      For the boys team, the ACAMIS tournament is very much the focus for the squad this year, as they did not take part in their Cross-River Event due to a schedule conflict with a trip to Thailand for the annual Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) excursion. The season has been very productive thus far with three wins out of five games. According to Year 12 student Alex, “We aim to win ACAMIS. The coach and the team buy into this, and we know we have to improve week-on-week to do this. Watching the girls’ impressive performances put the pressure on us to show up and do the same. It is great to be challenging ourselves while also gelling as a team. Each session brings intensity and is rewarding for us all.”

      In addition to participation in competitive games, the students recently attended a resoundingly successful weekend SISAC Sports Performance Camp in Pudong, which focused on three different sports – basketball, football, and volleyball. The students took part in practical sessions with elite coaches, and the sessions were supported with theoretical content, looking at sports psychology and nutrition, and getting a taste of what it takes to make it as an elite athlete.

      YCIS values success both in and out of the classroom; on and off the field. To find out more about the Co-Curricular Activities available at YCIS, click here.

       Article contributed by Mr Matt Uffindall, Athletics Director, YCIS Pudong.