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    Honouring the Decades-Long Dedication of YCIS Staff

    School News

    10 Jan, 2020

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    • Just before the holiday break in December, the YCIS Shanghai School Leadership Team, faculty, and staff joined together in celebration of the festive season and the many special colleagues who comprise the YCIS Shanghai staff. A highlight of the event was marking the anniversaries of YCIS staff members who have been working at the school for extended periods. As in many years gone by, there were several anniversaries for those who have been with the school for 10 years, and even a few staff who have been with YCIS Shanghai for over two decades.

      This academic year, Ms Waheeda Khan, Mr Matthias Peitsch, and Ms Karin Zijlmans of YCIS Puxi Secondary, Ms Catherine Ren of YCiS Puxi ECE, and Ms Julie Qi of YCIS Pudong Secondary were recognised for reaching an impressive 10 years at the school. Additionally, there were three staff members who celebrated an incredible 20 years at the school: Ms Cherry Chen, Performance & CCAs Coordinator at YCIS Puxi Primary; Mr Leo Lazo, Counsellor and Character Education Coordinator who has worked at both YCIS Puxi and YCIS Pudong; and Ms Laura Yao, Library Coordinator at YCIS Pudong’s Century Park Campus. Ms Chen, Mr Lazo, and Ms Yao were recognized for their commitment to the school, and they join a long list of staff who have been with YCIS Shanghai for twenty years or more – some almost as long as YCIS has been in Shanghai. 

      According to Ms Rita Chen, Director of School Business Operations & School Business Manager: “We are incredibly blessed to have such committed and talented staff who have chosen to be part of the YCIS Shanghai family for such a long time. We truly value their service to our students and community, and we know how unique a position we are in to have such dedicated, long-serving staff.” 

      Beyond the staff members honoured this year, there are many other staff members who have made major career contributions to YCIS Shanghai for a decade or more:

      NameDepartmentYears of Service
       Mr Frank ZhangGeneral Manager (Shanghai Region)26
       Mr Denny HuangSupporting Division, YCIS Puxi Secondary26
       Mr Danny ZhuSupporting Division, YCIS Puxi Secondary25
       Ms Gloria Guo Supporting Division, YCIS Puxi Primary25
       Ms Jessica CaoTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary25
       Ms He Yi Hong Teaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary25
       Ms Rita Chen Director of School Business Operations & School Business Manager, YCIS Shanghai24
       Ms Kang Liang QunTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi ECE24
       Ms Song LinVice Principal, YCIS Puxi ECE24
       Ms Ji ZhengTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi ECE24
       Mr Huo Zhong ChaoSupporting Division, YCIS Puxi Primary23
       Ms Maria SzymanskaTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi ECE23
       Ms Susan YueTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary23
       Ms Jin WeiTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary23
       Ms Feng Jian FenSupporting Division, YCIS Pudong ECE & Primary22
       Ms Laura YaoLibrary, YCIS Pudong Secondary20
       Ms Cherry ChenTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary20
       Mr Jason ZhouSupporting Division, YCIS Puxi19
       Mr Qian XinSupporting Division, YCIS Pudong ECE & Primary19
       Ms Julia ZhuTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE19
       Ms Mary YuCo-Principal, YCIS Pudong19
       Ms Shen RongTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary19
       Ms Li Hong YuHuman Resources, YCIS Shanghai18
       Mr Cai Yue PingSupporting Division, YCIS Puxi Secondary18
       Mr Damien HehirCo-Principal, YCIS Pudong18
       Ms Iris HuaTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary17
       Ms Irene Xie Library, YCIS Pudong Primary17
       Ms Michelle WangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE17
       Ms Diana DaiTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary17
       Mr Edward CreightonTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary16
       Mr Kenny ChenAccounts Division, YCIS Shanghai15
       Mr David ZhangTeaching Support Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary15
       Ms Jane XieTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Secondary15
       Ms Rowling MiaoTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary15
       Ms Anna LiTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary15
       Mr Miki MahundiIT Department, YCIS Shanghai14
       Ms Wu Jin YiHead of Accounts Division, YCIS Shanghai14
       Mr David CrosbyTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary14
       Ms Carolyn Pei Ju LeeTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary14
       Ms Amy YangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Secondary14
       Mr Dusten KentTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Secondary14
       Ms Joan ChenTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary14
       Ms Janie DongTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary14
       Ms Melissa ShawTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary14
       Ms Juliet JiTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary14
       Ms Summer LuSchool Office, YCIS Puxi Primary14
       Ms Grace GuTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary14
       Ms Jennifer JiangHuman Resources, YCIS Shanghai13
       Ms Julia QuAccounts Division, YCIS Shanghai13
       Ms Susic Zhang Accounts Division, YCIS Shanghai13
       Ms Grace WengAccounts Division, YCIS Shanghai13
       Mr Terence DayesVice Principal, YCIS Puxi Secondary13
       Ms Inge TangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Secondary13
       Ms Helen HuangSchool Office, YCIS Pudong Primary13
       Ms Stacey ZhangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE13
       Ms Zoe ZhangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE13
       Ms Elisabeth LiauTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE13
       Ms Sherry WeiTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary13
       Ms Yi WangSupporting Division, YCIS Pudong Secondary12
       Ms Zeta ZhaiSupporting Division, YCIS Puxi Primary12
       Mr Adam SuSupporting Division, YCIS Puxi Primary12
       Ms Fiona SunTeaching Support Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary12
       Ms Teresa TuTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Secondary12
       Mr Matthew GradyTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Secondary12
       Ms Lucy YangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE12
       Ms Lisa YeTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary12
       Mr Robert WatsonVice Principal, YCIS Pudong ECE & Primary12
       Ms Li Mei SunTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi ECE12
       Ms Cindy DuTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary12
       Mr James WilcoxVice Principal, YCIS Puxi Primary12
       Ms Jhulia CantosTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary12
       Ms Kian JiAdmissions, YCIS Shanghai11
       Mr Paul SmithTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary11
       Ms Rainbow DuanTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE11
       Ms Alicia TongTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong ECE11
       Ms Eva WangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Ms Sissy ShenTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Ms Carrie QianTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Ms Cindy ZhangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Ms Lydia XuTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Ms Cathy YangTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Ms Vivien BaiTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Mr Alexander TabunetsTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Primary11
       Ms Fannie FengTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary11
       Ms Sally SunSchool Office, YCIS Puxi Primary11
       Ms Andrea ZhangLibrary, YCIS Puxi Primary11
       Ms May MeiTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary11
       Ms Mari FloresTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Primary11
       Mr Matthias PeitschTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary10
       Ms Karin ZijlmansTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary10
       Ms Waheeda KhanTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi Secondary10
       Ms Julie  QiTeaching Staff, YCIS Pudong Secondary10
       Ms Catherine RenTeaching Staff, YCIS Puxi ECE10

      In all, there are over 90 YCIS staff whom have been at YCIS Shanghai for more than a decade, making an amazing combined 1,414 years of service! This is a demonstration of their incredible commitment and something the school is extremely proud of. Having such invested staff members at the school provides a continuation of YCIS Shanghai’s history, and benefits everyone from students to other staff and the school community as a whole.