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    Online Resources for E-Learning at YCIS Shanghai

    School News

    27 Mar, 2020

    10 : 00

    • With the COVID-19 situation continuing to develop globally, many schools across China and the world remain temporarily closed. Classes have moved online, and e-learning has become the norm for students. Due to these school closures, libraries have also been focusing more and more on their online resource offering.

      At YCIS Shanghai, there is already an extensive number of online material and platforms that the school’s libraries offer to students of all ages, parents, and teachers. Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers have great support from the school’s library staff and can request different online material daily to fit the children’s constantly evolving interests. Primary students, teachers, and parents can access the school library’s homepage, where numerous online resources are available for consultation. And Secondary students can access the vast array of subscription databases offered by the school for their research, such as Gale, Encyclopedia Britannica, JSTOR, BrainPOP, and Ancient Europe Encyclopedia, among others.

      In addition to the school’s online resources, numerous tech and education developers and providers have taken steps to expand their online learning resource offerings, with many making their online services available for free. Some of these resources include:

      Search Engines

      Free search engines for children, such as Kiddle and KidRex, provide an invaluable way for younger students to safely look for online school material.

      Online Reading

      There is a plethora of online reading websites and platforms out there for Primary and Secondary students, such as Reading RocketsTumble Books,and SORA.

      Scholastic has also been embracing online learning, offering teachers and parents fantastic resources for children in ECE and Primary, including fiction and non-fiction material.

      Another resource comes from Commonsense Media, who have recently compiled a list of free online activities, ranging from drawing lessons to museum tours, which promise to keep children and their parents engaged, entertained, and informed.

      In addition, many online newspapers for children, such as First News, have recently started offering free subscriptions.


      Amazon just recently launched Audible Stories, a platform accessible to children around the world who are temporarily unable to go to school. All audiobooks are free to listen to, come in different languages, and target students from ECE to Secondary.

      YCIS Shanghai’s resources, combined with those offered by other platforms and providers, help students with their e-Learning. They will help parents engage ECE children at home, while also benefiting the students’ reading, writing, and language development. At the same time, reading and writing resources, audiobooks, videos, online competitions, and reading challenges represent an invaluable support for Primary and Secondary students to continue excelling in their learning by expanding the amount of resources at their disposal. As students can’t go to the school’s libraries at this time, the libraries will go to the students instead!