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    Key Takeaways from the Second "YCTalks Series"e Stream

    School News

    19 Jun, 2020

    10 : 00

    • On Thursday, June 18, YCIS Shanghai hosted its second Live Stream discussion as part of the new YCTalks Series. During the talk, "Navigating University Applications Processes in 2020 and Beyond," speakers Mr John Liu and Ms Luciene Hang talked about the University Guidance programme and alumni network at YCIS Shanghai, as well as discussing the challenges and changes that have resulted from the current COVID-19 situation. Here are some of the highlights of the discussion:

      "University Guidance at YCIS doesn’t start in Years 12 or 13 – it actually starts as early as Year 6. During Years 6, 7, and 8, we are helping students to learn about themselves and really look at what the 21st-century careers are, moving forward, and what they might be interested in. We just really want students to know that their future is broad, and their opportunities are great.” - Mr John Liu (Speaker), YCIS Shanghai & Yew Chung Foundation Regional Coordinator of University and Career Guidance

      "Part of Alumni engagement is that we have groups of former students come back to school to speak to our current students. We normally invite them for a panel discussion — we call it ‘Homecoming’ — where they will share about their IB experience, university life, and work experience.” - Ms Luciene Hang (Speaker), YCIS Shanghai Senior Admissions Officer & Alumni Relations Officer

      At YCIS Shanghai, the University Guidance Office (UGO) prepares students for their journey beyond YCIS, offering college planning and application support, internship placements, and career advice. This process allows students to better reflect on their personal strengths and aptitudes, while also giving them a chance to explore which university options and career paths are best suited to their needs and interests. The extremely impressive university acceptances year-to-year are a testament to the success that YCIS’s culturally diverse and diligent students can achieve at the school and beyond, and the continued support and participation by YCIS Shanghai Alumni shows how being a member of the YCIS community goes way beyond the school years.

      May 2020 GEM Award

      We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr John Liu on receiving the May 2020 GEM Award from the International Association for College Admission Counseling (ACAC). According to ACAC: “The Going the Extra Mile (GEM) programme recognises the exemplary work of International ACAC members by highlighting a dedication to our profession, our colleagues, and our students by demonstrating best practices, acts of goodwill, creativity, and ethics. Multiple nominators particularly noted John’s dedicated work back in January to develop a gathering place for online events to support students in China affected by COVID-19 and the cancelation of March to May in-person recruitment events, pivoting a platform he had created two years earlier for another initiative for Shanghai area college fairs."