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    Connecting with Parents and Building Stronger Community Links

    School News

    09 Nov, 2020

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Shanghai highly values its relationships with parents, supports their involvement and interest in being part of the school community, and maintains open communication with them. Hence, the school has recently organised off-campus information sessions for YCIS Shanghai, Puxi and Pudong parents.

      Over 150 parents of YCIS Pudong students attended an event at the Kerry Hotel beside the school’s Regency Park Campus to hear from the Co-Principals, University Guidance Counsellor, Secondary Vice Principal, and Primary, IGCSE, and IB Coordinators about students’ pathways to university.

      During the event, the school’s experts discussed what universities look for in applicants today and how YCIS Pudong sets a foundation for university throughout the students’ educational journeys, which start from ECE. The school's University Guidance Counsellor described the benefits of the YCIS Pudong Job Shadowing Programme, the strategic preparation and guidance for students in Secondary, as well as other services and extensive support available to students and parents at the school. The speakers detailed the advantages that students gain from the school's Chinese programme and the strong YCIS Pudong IGCSE and IB results – including Top in World and Top in China Awards, and high IB averages – and how YCIS Pudong opens doors to top universities around the world.

      "The school has a clear vision for the students, in terms of both their schooling and the skills and character traits that are important for them to take to university and in their future careers,” said Mr Damien Hehir, Western Co-Principal at YCIS Shanghai, Pudong. “As a result, each year, students at Upper Secondary level perform exceptionally in exams, and our Year 13 graduates receive multiple offers from top universities all over the world,” added Mr Hehir.

      In the same spirit, YCIS Puxi recently organised a Parents' Coffee Morning at the Gubei Civic Center hosted by the school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), to introduce key staff and programmes, as well as answer parents' questions. Around 100 parents attended the event, where, over breakfast, they enjoyed learning more about the school’s mission, what makes YCIS unique, and how the current curriculum aims at building both real-world and academic skills. A 'Question & Answer' segment followed the information session, during which leaders from ECE, Primary, and Secondary answered questions related to developing reading habits, the school’s rigorous Mathematics programme, and possibilities for accessing top universities, respectively. 

      Parents from all sections shared very positive feedback about the session. They thought that ‘all of the questions were well answered’, and that that this was 'the best information session ever,’ with a 'young and warm' atmosphere. Parents were delighted to meet the school leaders in person, including the new Co-Principals, Ms Linda Li and Mr Ryan Peet, and are now eagerly anticipating the next meeting.

      Sessions such as these help to strengthen the relationship between the school and parents while building community links with local venues and institutions. The events ensure parents feel informed at all times about their children's education and future, and we look forward to more such opportunities to connect this school year.