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    Exciting Developments: Continued Innovation at YCIS Shanghai

    School News

    15 Mar, 2021

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    • Equipping students for future success means re-thinking traditional classrooms. A few years ago, we introduced new and flexible Learning Communities. We are now thrilled to announce that YCIS Shanghai will be introducing more world-class learning spaces and implementing significant renovation works on both our Puxi and Pudong campuses. Below are all the exciting upgrades and new buildings coming soon to YCIS Shanghai:

      New Facilities at YCIS Puxi 

      Secondary (Gubei) Campus

      C-Building Renovation 

      The big news for Secondary is the total renovation of the C-Building, which is nearing completion and will be the home base for Year 7 and 8 students in 2021-22. This building has been extensively redesigned to create a dedicated innovation centre that will enable cutting-edge learning and teaching practices. It will comprise several flexible learning spaces, a social hub, classrooms, students' common areas, a staff lobby, workstations, and meeting rooms. 

      New IB Learning Centre 

      Along with the excellent facilities in C-Building, a new IB Learning Centre is being set up in B-Building to facilitate positive study habits among our oldest learners at this most crucial time in their school life.

      The vision of these new spaces is to spark students’ curiosity, foster new ideas, facilitate their collaboration and community interaction, and provide them with opportunities and skills that will give them an advantage as they move on to tertiary education and the workforce.

      Primary (Hongqiao) Campus

      New In-School Individual Instrumental Programme (IIIP) Facilities 

      The 2021–22 school year will see new IIIP facilities at Puxi Primary, in B-Building. These will include a set of sound-proofed rooms for students to enjoy individual instrumental instruction during or after the school day. 

      ECE (Ronghua) Campus

      New Light Room 

      A new Early Childhood Education (ECE) ‘Light Room’ will be installed to support art, science, and technology, as well as imagination, creativity, and sensory integration. 

      Outdoor Play Facilities Developments 

      Further developments to the ECE Outdoor Play Facilities, including a K2 specific outdoor play space and a roof garden, will enhance our young learners’ sensory experiences in a crucial stage of their skills development. 

      New Facilities at YCIS Pudong 

      Regency Park Campus

      Purpose-Built Year 4 Learning Community

      An entire floor at Regency Park Campus will be transformed into an open-plan, flexible learning environment that will help enhance student engagement, providing further opportunities for our Year 4s to develop individual and collaborative skills through challenging problem-solving activities leading to meaningful projects.

      State-of-the-Art Sports Pitch

      Outside, a brand new, top quality field will provide the very best surface for our many sports Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and competitions, as well as opportunities to host larger tournaments. 

      New Play Structures

      Play is vital for our younger children, so there will also be a new space at the end of the field featuring small hills and tunnels for all ECE and Primary students to explore. We will also be installing new play equipment in the ECE section for our younger students to enjoy.

      Century Park Campus

      Maker Space to Fuel Creativity

      This exciting and well-equipped learning environment at Century Park Campus will provide Upper Primary students with opportunities to develop their design, creative, and technological skills. Our Project-Based Learning approach helps students connect their learning at a deeper level to real-world experiences. This new space will provide the perfect stimulation to bring innovative projects to life.

      Primary Learning Community

      The top floor of the A-Wing will be an addition to the Year 5-6 Learning Communities model.  With a new Year 5 class being added in 2021-22, this will allow the Learning Community area to accommodate more students.

      Language at the Heart of the Learning Community

      Lower Secondary and IGCSE students will benefit from a newly-renovated English Learning Community in the B-Wing, where students can make the most of flexible groupings for their language studies. It will also include an additional outdoor space above the library. Students will work together with multiple English teachers, thus developing better language proficiency and far beyond.

      All of YCIS Shanghai’s campuses are designed with learning in mind and are ideal places for children to grow academically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. To learn more about our campuses and facilities at YCIS Shanghai, click here. We very much look forward to welcoming you and your children to our new cutting-edge facilities at YCIS Shanghai!