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    Enrolment at YCIS Shanghai: 11 Frequently Asked Questions

    School News

    22 Oct, 2021

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    • YCIS Shanghai was the first international school in Shanghai officially registered with and recognised by the Chinese government, and the only international school in China to have received the Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education.

      It has long been known for offering one of the most progressive and globally-minded programmes of international education in China. Many parents who have attended YCIS Shanghai's TEDx, Art Exhibition and STEAM events have been greatly impressed by our students' confidence, language skills and their unique thinking of the world.

      Applications for the 2022–2023 school year are open at YCIS Shanghai! Our Pudong and Puxi campuses offer special information sessions for parents of prospective students. Before attending these events, let our expert Admissions Managers, Ms Jenny Lu (Puxi) and Ms Joanna Shan (Pudong) help you understand the key information and application processes at YCIS Shanghai by answering eleven frequently asked questions about enrolment.

      Q1: What is the application timeline at YCIS Shanghai?

      We are currently accepting applications for the 2022–2023 school year and will start sending decisions as early as January 2022. We strongly recommend applying (Click to apply) as soon as possible because spaces in certain year levels are very competitive, meaning seats fill up quickly.For the application process, please contact our Admissions team (021-2226 7666).

      Q2: Is there an entrance exam?

      Applicants of all ages receive invitations to a family interview. Applicants from Year 5 and above will have an additional online assessment for English and Maths.

      Q3: Can we transfer to YCIS Shanghai in the middle of the year?

      Yes, we accept mid-term intakes if there is space available in the desired year level. We currently have limited seats available in some year levels. Parents can contact the Admissions Office (021- 2226 7666) to verify space availability.

      Q4: Does YCIS Shanghai have a scholarship programme? If so, how can I apply?

      Yes. YCYW (Yew Chung Yew Wah) Education recently launched various scholarship categories for new and current students who will be in Year 10-13 in 2022-23. Please refer to our website (Click here) for more information on eligibility for the scholarship programme.

      Q5: How many campuses do you have?

      YCIS Shanghai has five campuses conveniently located in Pudong and Puxi:


      Regency Park Campus (K2–Year 4), 1817 Huamu Road

      Century Park Campus (Years 5–13), 1433 Dongxiu Road


      Ronghua Campus (K2–K4), 59 West Ronghua Road

      Hongqiao Campus (Years 1–6), 11 Shuicheng Road

      Gubei Campus (Years 7–13), 18 West Ronghua Road

      Q6: What curriculum does YCIS Shanghai follow?

      Early Childhood Education (ECE) students partake in an in-house emergent curriculum that responds to the children’s interests and developmental needs. Co-teachers guide and support children’s learning in English and Mandarin.

      In Primary, YCIS uses a version of the English National Curriculum adapted for an international context. This includes integrating Chinese, Chinese Culture, and character education into the curriculum.

      Secondary students follow a tailored Lower-Secondary curriculum in Years 7–9 and complete the IGCSE programme and International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) for the last four years of their schooling. Known for its academic rigour, the IB equips students with the skills needed for future success and diploma holders have the opportunity to study in world-class universities.

      Q7: What is your main teaching language? My child's native language is not English, can they keep up with the class?

      In Early Childhood, the programme is bilingual and co-teachers support children with their English and Chinese language development. As the students progress through Primary, Chinese is still very important and continues to be used extensively, however, more of the subjects are taught in English. Students have at least one hour of English language and Chinese language classes every day. Mathematics and Topic are co-taught in English and Mandarin in addition to their language classes. Specialist classes (Art, ICT, PE, Music) are taught in Engish.

      We have students from all around the world, and not everybody speaks English in their home country. We provide EAL (English as an Additional Language) support for our students whose mother tongue is a language other than English. Similarly, Chinese is broken down into CAL (Chinese as an Additional Language) and CFL (Chinese as a First Language).

      Q8: I saw on the school's official website that YCIS adopts a co-teaching approach. What does this mean?

      Co-teaching involves having two teachers in the classroom—one international and one Chinese—to represent the two different cultures. Both are fully qualified from their respective countries and have extensive teaching experience. Co-teaching is much more than a simultaneous translation or having an assistant in the classroom. The co-teachers plan and deliver the curriculum by working closely together. This gives children an excellent model for cooperation and respect, and an opportunity to absorb and appreciate the best elements of both Eastern and Western educational practices and cultures.

      Q9: Does YCIS Shanghai offer extracurricular activities?

      We offer and encourage students to participate in different Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) throughout the school year. Examples of some of the activities we have offered include:

      · Choirs, orchestras, and bands

      · Drama and musical groups

      · Sports teams

      · Chinese cultural crafts, dance, and traditional musical instruments

      · Photography and art classes

      · Community service and charity activities

      · Cooking classes

      · Knitting and cross-stitch groups

      · Science, technology, and robotics activities

      · Chess clubs

      · Debate societies

      · Society for Environmental Protection

      · Model United Nations

      · World Scholars Cup

      Additionally, YCIS is an active member of sporting organisations, ACAMIS, SISAC, and CISSA. This enables our students to compete against other international schools in Shanghai and in other cities.

      Q10: I have heard about "holistic education" in many schools. How does YCIS practise this?

      In addition to having outstanding academic achievements, YCIS Shanghai places great importance on cultivating students' character and artistic accomplishments. We have a wealth of music, art, and physical education courses. Music plays an important role in Yew Chung’s ECE, Primary, and Secondary sections. All students in Years 1–3 receive violin instruction as it is integrated into the curriculum and, as a by-product, they will learn presentation skills and build self-confidence through performance.

      In the past 15 years, the YCIS Shanghai Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programme has provided students with opportunities to collaborate with professional artists, encouraging them to constantly learn and innovate.

      In addition, we have a comprehensive and systematic character education programme to help students develop values that help them make positive contributions to local and global communities as well as the environment.

      Q11: Where do your graduates go after YCIS Shanghai?

      Each year, our students perform well in the IGCSE and IB examinations, which are internationally recognised, meaning they regularly receive acceptances from top universities worldwide. Offers in recent years include Oxford University, Cambridge University, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, National University of Singapore, and many more.

      💡 If you have any further questions or require more detailed information, please refer to our official website or contact Admissions by calling 2226 7666 (extension 8 for Pudong and 6 for Puxi).