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    Oxford comes a-calling to YCIS Shanghai and Hong Kong

    School News

    13 Jan, 2022

    10 : 00

    • We are delighted to announce that two students from our YCIS schools have received conditional offers from the University of Oxford.Sophia, from YCIS Shanghai (Puxi), will pursue a BA 'Law with German Law', and Derun Li, from YCIS Hong Kong, will read BA Physics.

      The University of Oxford has topped the Times Higher Education ‘World University Rankings’ over the past four years. This year, competition between applicants from around the world was particularly keen as many now favour universities in the UK over the US due, in part, to pandemic-related immigration policies. A total of 425 Chinese students were admitted to the University of Oxford between 2018 and 2020 according to official data.

      The law degree has always been most sought after at Oxford University, but it also imposes some of the most rigorous requirements. Sophia's choice of ‘Law with German Law’ demands applicants be fluent in German as well as in English, which she has already mastered, in addition to her very competent Chinese language skills after 12 years of study at YCIS Shanghai. She was a well-known student leader, served as Co-Captain of the student council, and regularly participated in school activities.

      Derun Li, with YCIS Hong Kong since Year Seven, has received a conditional offer from the Department of Physics at Oxford University. His academic performance in physics has been exceptional. A 2021/22 science scholarship award recipient, he represented YCIS HK to pick up first prize in the 2021 Hong Kong Physics Olympiad. Derun also received a letter of congratulations from the Hong Kong Education Bureau, praising him for his outstanding achievements in the 38th National Physics Competition for Secondary School Students.

      Over the past 90 years, we have championed ‘holistic education’ for ‘every ability’. Students are lauded for their leadership, individuality, and moral character, and not just for academic performance.

      Please join us in congratulating Sophia and Derun.