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    Explore Shanghai's Hidden Treasures

    School News

    20 Jan, 2022

    10 : 00

    • We live in a metropolitan, fascinating modern city. What can we do to slow down and see beyond the shopping malls and find the spaces that reflect and celebrate the rich culture of Shanghai?

      As part of an English and Humanities project-based learning unit, the Year 7 students at YCIS Puxi went on a quest through the streets of Shanghai and find the hidden treasures among us and share their findings in the bilingual travel resource. The students needed to step out of their comfort zone and connect with their community, asking thoughtful questions to locals about daily lives. YCIS Puxi Lower Secondary Coordinator Ms Alana Haggarty noticed "the students' research, persuasive writing, interview, presentation, and organisational skills have improved significantly!"

      Readers can find detailed descriptions of restaurants, specialty shops, and historical buildings, as well as video and written interviews with small business owners, artists, and local neighbours in the Hidden Treasures manual.

      At YCIS Shanghai, we emphasise a bilingual and co-cultural environment every day through our languages programme and Chinese Studies classes. Through the Humanities and English Project-Based Learning project, the students improved their soft skillset by manoeuvering and working with peers and a new audience. They also gained a deeper appreciation for the local traditions and cultures in Shanghai. 

      We enable our students' Chinese language and cultural competency skills to be heightened and refined during class time but also hope to enable them with the strong foundation to manage new experiences in their host country.