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    YCIS Celebrates Student Champions

    School News

    07 Feb, 2022

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    • YCIS Shanghai students are known for their academic excellence, including examination results and overall scholastic achievement due to a rigorous academic international curriculum and drawing the best practices from around the world and not restricted to a single national curriculum. We pair this with a holistic approach to education, committing to positively guiding values and morals, which help build each student and support them in making good choices both now and later in life. Recently, we have been collecting numerous successes in different areas of development varying from academic to athletic and learning meaningful lessons along the way.


      Our YCIS Shanghai basketball teams had one of our most successful seasons to date! In addition to being undefeated in the SISAC West League, this past weekend the YCIS Puxi division 1 Boys and Girls team participated in the ACAMIS competition with other Shanghai international schools. Our boys team brought home the ACAMIS championship trophy after winning the majority of games over the three days of competition against host school SCIS, SSIS, WISS and SUIS.

      Our girls team won the ‘spirit of ACAMIS’ award given to the team that demonstrates the best sportsmanship throughout the tournament and took home the third place. Our girls at YCIS Pudong finished in 2nd place in the league for the East Division. Congratulations to our students and coaches on both sides of the river are due for their teamwork, determination, and dedication to the games. 


      The YCIS community is excited as the Winter Olympics in our host country is quickly approaching. YCIS Pudong Leo from Year 8 is currently ranked in the top 10% of ice hockey players worldwide and was previously part of the Chinese National Junior Ice Hockey Team. He is currently the MVP for the Shanghai Hockey Team, was recruited to play in Boston, and was accepted into three top prep schools in the United States with outstanding hockey programmes. We look forward to more news from Leo and trust he will have no problem breaking the ice in the future!


      This autumn, we followed our YCIS Shanghai students as they manoeuvred through different math challenges and competitions (click to read Striking Mathematics Gold Again!). Our Maths department encourages students to participate in mathematics competitions as an exciting way to challenge logic and problem-solving abilities while exercising a growth mindset. We love to see the students’ confidence grow throughout this process.      

      We are delighted to announce that YCIS Pudong Year 10 student Sungwoo made the Honors Roll for his fantastic AMC10 math contest result and has qualified for the prestigious invitation-only AIME math contest. He also placed 1st in this month’s round Caribou math contest. After three rounds, he is ranked 1st place in China and 6th place worldwide. Congratulations, Sungwoo!

      To add to these successes, YCIS Puxi Secondary students participated in the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Senior Individual Challenge and achieved six gold, three silver, and two bronze awards. The UKMT is held in high esteem and has over 700,000 entries each year from different parts of the globe. The best in school was Gonghkyuk in Year 12 who scored an impressive 116/125. Year 13s Ang and Dylan Patrick both scored an equally impressive 110/125. Gonghkyuk, Ang, and Dylan Patrick are invited to participate in the Olympiad qualifying rounds as they were amongst the top students worldwide!  


      Off-campus also saw five YCIS Puxi Upper Secondary (Year 10 – 13) teams competing in the Wharton Global Youth Investment Competition run by Wharton Business School. The competition aims to teach students about teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company and industry analysis, and many other important aspects of investing.

      Over ten weeks, our students were required to devise an investment strategy to satisfy the investment aims of a potential client provided to them by the Wharton Business School. Our students exercised their strategic thinking skills by analysing financial documents and made trade and investment judgments based on research monitoring global stock markets. 

      Our YCIS community is impressed by the level of engagement of all the teams and individuals. Congratulations to all our student participants on your achievements and hard work!