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    A Glimpse of University Life

    School News

    14 Oct, 2011

    10 : 00

    • Students in their final year at YCIS Shanghai were able to get their first taste of university lectures on September 26, 2011 when biology professors from University of Durham, England visited to speak about their university and offer a sample lecture on immunology.A Year 13 student shares her thoughts on the experience below:

      “Professor Benham, specialising in immunology at the university, gave Year 13 Biology students a lecture where he began by introducing the father of biology, Paul Ehrlich. Professor Benham spoke about how our body’s immune system works to prevent us from getting ill. He explained the details involved in the action of white blood cells.

      Even though we had not learned about the immune system as part of our Biology course (for IB standard level curriculum), I could understand most of the lecture. Professor Benham explained about how, by having the sickle cell trait, people could be less likely to get malaria, which we had been learning in class as part of the Genetics topic… The lecture was fascinating and helpful for us as Biology students.”