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    Adventure, Discovery, Change: Unveiling Three Vivid Musicals

    School News

    09 Apr, 2024

    15 : 42

    • Over the past two weeks, YCIS Shanghai Pudong and Puxi campuses have successively presented three outstanding musicals. Our primary and secondary school actors, with their excellent performances, have vividly brought to life the meaningful classics "Alice", "My Fair Lady", and "Honk", captivating audiences with memorable shows.


      On March 21st and 22nd, the student-adapted musical 'Alice' was wonderfully performed at the YCIS Shanghai Puxi campus. 27 Year 5 and 6 pupils brought a vibrant dream world to life with their enthusiasm and skilled acting, making the audience feel as though they had tumbled down the rabbit hole with Alice.


      In the nearly two-hour show, the students showcased their impressive acting, singing, and dancing talents. Each character was vividly portrayed, creating a feast for both eyes and ears and highlighting the children's creativity and teamwork. In this fantastical fairy-tale adventure, they supported one another, forging unforgettable stage memories.


      On March 27th and 28th, the coming-of-age musical 'Honk', a retelling of the classic 'The Ugly Duckling', was splendidly performed at the YCIS Shanghai Puxi Secondary. The story follows a duckling eager to transform, who, after a series of trials and adventures, discovers its inner strength and beauty, achieving remarkable emotional and spiritual growth.


      With a cast of 20, their skillful and nuanced performances, combined with seamless teamwork, brought to life an engaging and dynamic narrative on stage. Capturing the essence of their characters through expressive movements and heartfelt singing, the students also crafted a visually and emotionally rich experience for the audience with cleverly designed sets and lighting effects.


      Guided by our mission to align with Culture and Arts, YCIS Shanghai consistently prioritises the artistic development of our students, actively providing platforms to showcase their talents.

      Through participating in musical performance, we hope to enhance their communication and coordination, singing and instrumental skills, and even time management. We believe these skills will lay a solid foundation for their holistic growth. 


      Looking ahead, we anticipate more students shining in future theatrical performances with their unique brilliance.