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    Celebrating Success in the UKMT

    School News

    06 Nov, 2023

    11 : 56

    • In early October, students from YCIS Shanghai achieved impressive results in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) competition.


      At YCIS Shanghai Puxi, all seven participants were honoured with either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award. Jason from Year 11 distinguished himself by securing the Gold Award and the Best in School Award. Additionally, Brian from Year 13 also received the Gold Award and was recognised with the prestigious Best in Year Award by UKMT. Other noteworthy performances included Minjoo and Jonathan, both from Year 13, who clinched Silver awards, while Richard and Anna, both from Year 11, proudly took home Bronze.


      Over at YCIS Shanghai's Pudong campus, the students also demonstrated their mathematical prowess. Sungwoo from Year 12 excelled by winning the Gold Award and the Best in School title. Amrit from Year 11, Lucas from Year 10, and Yeonwoo from Year 9 each won a Silver Award and the Best in Year title for their respective year groups. Oscar from Year 12 also put up a commendable performance, earning a Silver award.


      These remarkable achievements highlight the dedication, hard work, and talent of our YCIS students. Their success is a testament to the high standard of teaching and learning at YCIS, as well as the students' commitment to academic excellence. Congratulations to all the award winners!