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    YCYW Scholarship Awards for 2022-23

    School News

    05 May, 2022

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    • On April 22, the YCIS Shanghai student scholarship recipients were informed of their successful applications. With over 100 applicants across Puxi and Pudong, there were six students in each category: the Madam Tsang Chor-hang award, the Subject and Talent award, and IB award, and there were eight recipients of the IGCSE scholarship.

      Yew Chung Yew Wah Education has inaugurated the Scholarship Programme to recognise and encourage students who have excelled in academic or other fields. It is designed to create opportunities for students of different backgrounds to receive a quality international education. Deputy CEO of Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Dr Esther Chan says "we are hoping to use the programme as a platform to amplify the Yew Chung Yew Wah Mission and Vision by cultivating the next generation of socially conscious leaders who embody critical thinking and leadership skills."

      Students who received scholarships have demonstrated excellence in different areas, such as being school leaders, role models in the classroom, star athletes on the sports field, passionate musicians, talented writers, and committed to service projects.

      We spoke to some of the scholarship recipients after they were notified of receiving a scholarship. Here is what they shared with us:

      Azalea, YCIS Puxi Year 11

      The Madam Tsang Chor-hang Memorial Scholarship

      As one of the founding members of the YCIS Shanghai Model United Nations team, Azalea helped lead more than 30 students in exploring and studying complex world issues. She is also YCIS Vice-Captain and President of Choir. Azalea has maintained competitive grades and received the prestigious Cambridge Excellence awards for IGCSE English Language and Literature, IGCSE History, and a school award for diligence across all IGSCE subjects. She is also a consistent presence in the sports arena and has participated in CISSA volleyball, soccer, basketball, and swimming competitions, winning several placements. Azalea has been at YCIS since 2012.

      From your point of view, what is the meaning of a scholarship to students?

      Having attended this school for 11 years now, the introduction of the Scholarship Programme can serve to encourage academic achievement and stimulate constructive competition in the school community. My experiences with the application process were valuable to me because I could see so many of my peers being motivated by an aspect of academics larger than their daily attendance. Instead of competing, I was somewhat surprised by the amount of support my peers have shown one another. I also was able to form a stronger and more personal relationship with my teachers, from whom I can distinguish my mentor figures in YCIS, to all of whom I am very grateful.

      How did you feel when you were notified you were selected?

      I realise that deep down I was anxious regarding the results no matter how often I kept telling myself it’s the effort that counts. When I learned the details of my scholarship from Ms Rogers, I was very relieved and proud. I was cautious in my application, and I wanted to set attainable expectations for myself, so this certainly exceeded my expectations. Being awarded a scholarship is becoming a motivating factor for me to always do my best and continue to find self-growth and responsibility.

      Why was it important for you to apply for the scholarship?

      To be a part of the YCYW scholarship program is a validation of my academic achievements, further encouraging me to keep up my grades and acts of community service in the remaining years I have here and stretching into my university life. Being admitted into the program also motivated me and gave me confidence about my competency, increasing my sense of purpose and resolve when tackling challenges. My biggest priority apart from self-improvement would be to find a way to physically represent my gratitude for the contributions my family has made for me to give me a good education. My parents have never forced me to study, given me any grade expectations to live up to, or expect any reimbursement from me in the future. Due to the generosity and unconditional support my family gives me, I feel inclined and genuinely want to repay them, make them proud, and thank them any way my abilities allow and applying for a scholarship allowed me to do that.

      Levona, YCIS Puxi Year 10

      The Yew Chung Yew Wah IGCSE Award

      Levona has been a member of the YCIS student leadership team since Year 5. In Year 6, she took on the role of Primary school captain and continued to be a student representative even in Secondary. She is currently president of the YCIS Shanghai Secondary TedX Club. Levona is an excellent debater and has placed in several national and international debate competitions, excels in violin, and plays on the YCIS Shanghai volleyball team. Levona has been at YCIS Shanghai since 2009.

      How do you view this honour?

      I view receiving this scholarship as a sign that the school recognises my commitment to learning and further encourages my efforts. I am incredibly honoured to be selected as one of the first scholarship recipients here at YCIS!

      How did you feel when you were notified you were selected?

      When I first found out I had received the scholarship, I was super excited and glad that the waiting process was finally over. The days leading up to the announcement were filled with tension and apprehensive excitement! I was also really pleased that I could take this opportunity to express my gratitude to several people, not only to my family but also to the teachers who relentlessly encourage and support me to do my best. I am extremely grateful to have been wholly supported by Mr McCrory and Ms Williams throughout the entire application process.

      How do you think being awarded this scholarship will impact your life after YCIS?

      I felt that this would give me an edge for university applications, helping to validate and strengthen other achievements outlined in my portfolio. Regarding college applications, this scholarship will be of use when I build my portfolio, issuing stepping stones to fuel my competitive edge amongst applicants. In the future, this scholarship will serve as a personal reminder: sooner or later, hard work will be recognised.

      Daphne, YCIS Pudong Year 10

      The Madam Tsang Chor-hang Memorial Scholarship

      Daphne is the head prefect at YCIS Pudong. Over the past three years she has received over 60 merits. Daphne is a member of the YCIS swim team, choir, Model United Nations, among other clubs. Outside of school she loves sports and excels at golf, tennis, and table tennis. Daphne has been at YCIS Shanghai since 2013.

      How do you view this honour?

      It was important for me to apply for the scholarship as I felt that this would greatly help my future development by pushing and encouraging me to achieve my goals and personal targets. I hoped that this scholarship would allow me to make new connections with others to bring positive changes and make a difference in the school community and beyond with empathy, drive, and compassion.

      What is the meaning of a scholarship to students?

      From my perspective, the scholarship is a form of support and recognition from the school community to further strive in improving ourselves and delving into a wider variety of extracurricular activities to gain new skills. A scholarship does not only offer financial help, it also provides a platform and opportunities to make new connections for me to develop and grow as a global citizen.

      Why was it important for you to apply for the scholarship?

      I've started considering potential career paths based on my subject choices and interests. Being awarded this scholarship would go a long way toward helping and supporting me in finding the career path I want to pursue in the future because this scholarship provides financial aid and quality academic and career guidance from the school. I see the scholarship as a piece of the foundation I'm trying to build up for applying for universities, colleges, and other programs in the future.

      Vandy, YCIS Pudong Year 9

      Yew Chung Yew Wah Subject and Talent Award (Music)

      Vandy is active in YCIS Pudong's Stage and Show Band, Piano Ensemble, Voices, Sinfonia, Chamber Choir, Marimba Trio, Into the Woods Musical production, Head Over Heels Musical production, and Rock Band. She also participated in various clubs like Environmental Awareness Committee and Model United Nations, researching topics of e-waste, and producing a video to raise awareness in the school. Vandy has been at YCIS since 2017.

      Why was it important for you to apply for the scholarship?

      In my opinion, the first scholarship is an approval from the school, and it firms my perception of myself from the academic and music perspective. Receiving a scholarship also provides the opportunity for me to upgrade and broaden my musical equipment, which is pricey without external support.

      From your point of view, what is the meaning of a scholarship to students?

      Receiving the scholarship is perhaps a sprout of students’ independence from their families in terms of financial support. This makes the award meaningful.

      The scholarship programmes have not merely helped students financially, but also provided opportunities for our students to engage with the community and develop collaboration and leadership skills.

      YCIS Pudong Assistant Co-Principal Mr Andy Clapperton explains that "scholarships will be highly valued by universities because they demonstrate that the recipients are truly the most outstanding candidates in our school. Because the scholarship application process is so rigorous, it ensures that selected students are genuine role models in the YCIS community.” Mr Clapperton continues, “we are thrilled with the applications we received this year and it is wonderful to be able to acknowledge our top students in this way."

      YCIS Puxi Chinese Co-Principal Ms Linda Li Asher says, "the scholarship is an honour, a recognition, but also an inspiration, a spirit! The point of the scholarship is to encourage students to strive for progress, self-improvement, excellence, and to be a better version of themselves. The scholarship is not the ultimate goal but can be a driving force for the students on their way!

      Let us once again express our sincere congratulations to all the scholarship recipients! The students who were awarded scholarship have signed a commitment to continuing to be model students who contribute greatly to their school and community. The awarding of a scholarship is just the start. We are confident that these students will continue to do well in their future academic careers and make an impact on the world!

      The scholarship recipients will all be publicly acknowledged and will receive their scholarship certificate at the end of year award ceremonies. We will also be releasing interviews with some of the scholarship recipients soon, so stay tuned!

      We will open the next round of scholarship applications this autumn. Interested applicants are welcome to contact the school's admissions department and school office, or keep an eye on the school's website for more information on application requirements and details.