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    My Life at YCIS

    Student Blog

    09 Dec, 2014

    10 : 00

    • Anita, Year 9, Century Park Campus

      Life at YCIS is a bit different from life at other international schools around the world. Most people who have attended schools abroad will tell you that people are “very close”, or, “it’s like a family.” I would like to tell you about what life is like in our international YCIS family.

      First, we have small class sizes which allow us to get to know our classmates very well. Last year, I was paired up to work with each of my classmates at least once, which allowed me to become friends with everyone. Each class has their own special people that you get to know if you are in their class. Of course there are friendship groups within the class or stretching across classes, but each class also has their own class spirit (especially when there is friendly competition between classes).

      Second, our teachers also get to know us very well at YCIS. Because of this, our teachers care about us and are part of our “family” here. They know who needs help and when to help us, and they also know how to encourage those of us who might be a bit shy. Outside class, our teachers are friendly and I enjoy chatting and joking with them.

      Third, the “Houses” in our school also provide us with healthy competition and lots of spirit. I am in the Green House (which I personally think is the best house), and we never forget to help and cheer on our “House-mates” during house competitions, whether it’s sporting, debating, or mathematics events.

      Last, we are also very competitive in our events against other international schools in Shanghai, and those competitions and experiences with other schools remind me just how lucky I am to be part of the YCIS family.