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    I'm Proud of the Music Programme at YCIS

    Student Blog

    22 Dec, 2014

    10 : 00

    • Oi In, Year 8, Century Park Campus

      Personally, I love the musical education YCIS offers because it’s such an important thing in the school’s curriculum. It teaches us to embrace different cultures by learning different styles, forms, and types of music, from traditional African music to rock & roll. What’s better, is that it introduces you to different instruments you’ve maybe never played before, and it may even get you interested in learning some new instruments!

      I know this from first-hand experience because the music curriculum got me interested in a third instrument: the bass guitar (and now I LOVE the bass)! I’m really glad my music teacher introduced me to such a great instrument! Music is important at YCIS because it’s also about the arts, not just academics. The music curriculum, as mentioned before, is very important, and that is shown through a number of different musical activities for students to become involved in, both at and outside of school.

      Last year, for instance, there was a ‘Battle of the Bands,’ which is a competition for student bands. YCIS offers a number of bands, and I joined one last year. We competed in the Battle of the Bands, and my band members and I had an absolute blast! To participate, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play an instrument, you can still join a band (though it would be great if you do know how to play an instrument, of course). At YCIS, it is all about getting involved in school life and learning the instrument you want to learn. By being part of a music group, we experienced a great time together, and we were able to show everyone our passion and skill in music! Even though some bands didn’t win anything, everyone had an unforgettable and brilliant time, playing music with friends, chatting with one another, and maybe even getting interested in another instrument!

      Orchestra and choir are also offered at school, and I was in the YCIS orchestra for the last four school years. It improved my violin skills, and I got to know so many different people! I’ve never been in choir, but my friends in choir say that it’s very fun, and they learn interesting songs and musicals. They sing because they love to, and they have great fun all the time! I’m really glad that YCIS offers such a brilliant music curriculum, and I’m proud of my school for doing so!