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    What I Love About Studying at an International School

    Student Blog

    24 Dec, 2014

    10 : 00

    • By Florencia, Year 10, Century Park Campus

      I’ve been taught in international schools most of my life, and the experiences you have as a result of being a student at an international school are one of the reasons I love them so much. You are constantly meeting and getting to know new people from all over the globe, and, at the same time, you are learning about their cultures and how similar or different they are from yours. This has always helped me have a better idea of the world I live in, beyond my own city or country.

      Traveling also helps develop this understanding, but international schools are better; children or teenagers from a variety of counties are together inside one classroom, each one giving their own thoughts and opinions about the world from their own point of view. What can be better than that?

      The students in international schools are also very unique, especially the teenagers, because most of them have already experienced moving from one place to another. I find it difficult to choose a place and call it home because I’ve lived in many different places and it’s hard to pick only one. In international schools, I have found a lot of people like this. People who have the same experiences as me, and so we all understand each other. In a regular school, if your best friend spoke another language while talking to his or her parents that would have been pretty significant. Here, it’s just normal. Many people here have their own native language other than English.

      International schools are wonderful. Sometimes people that end up going back to their home country or to another country, which can be sad. The good news is that the same way people leave, a lot of new people also arrive, bringing with them all of the good things international schools are made of.